The Shadows story began when a young singer named Cliff Richard walked into a London “Coffee House” in search of a backing group, and came out with four young men, who in those days called themselves “The Drifters”, and as Cliff developed into one of the World’s top attractions, so the Group rose to fame with him.
In September 1959, owing to confusion between themselves and an American group also called “The Drifters”, the boys elected to change their name to “The Shadows”. Soon they were acclaimed as Stars in their own right and they have released a series of records that have become hits around the World.
The Shadows, with singer Cliff Richard, dominated the British popular music scene in the late 1950s and early 1960s in the five years before The Beatles. Although they lost ground in the late sixties, the band enjoyed a second spell of success and interest from the late seventies until the present day.
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The Shadows released ‘Move It’ in 1958 which made its way to number two in the British charts. Their first number one chart topping track, ‘Apache’, written by composer Jerry Lordan, was released in July, 1960 and spent twenty-one weeks at the top of the British music charts. The Shadows have enjoyed 34 hits on their own and another 33 through their involvement with Cliff Richard. The Shadows have the distinction of being the only artists to have an album, EP, and a single at the number one position on the charts simultaneously.
The rhythm guitar player, Bruce Welch, was born Bruce Cripps on November 2, 1941 in Bognor Regis, in the South West of England. Welch was an excellent rhythm guitarist and was involved in producing.
The drummer, Brian Bennett, was born in London, England on February 9, 1940.
Bennett was a drummer with Marty Wilde’s Wildcats and Krew Kats before replacing Tony Meehan in The Shadows in October 1961. Bennett’s son, Warren, plays keyboard and has been doing musical arrangements for Hank Marvin’s recent recordings.
Bass guitarists for The Shadows included Jet Harris (who gave the band its name), John Rostill (1942 – 1973), and Brian ‘Liquorice’ Locking.
The lead guitar player of the Shadows (formerly the Drifters), Hank B Marvin, was born Brian Robson Rank on October 28, 1941 in Newcastle, England. Rankin’s name was changed by Deed Poll in the 1950s to Hank Brian Marvin.
Marvin has been the unique sound of The Shadows since the group was first formed in 1958, and was one of the first people in England to use a Fender Statocaster. Marvin has been an inspiration to many musicians, but he says he really doesn’t understand why: “I would never have thought that I’d have any kind of influence on these people. Oh, maybe with Jimmy Page to a degree, but with people like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, I would have thought their early influences would have been much more obscure– the kind of blues people that they pattern their playing on. But it’s all very flattering, really.” In 1986 Hank Marvin and his family moved to the suburbs of Perth, Australia and has worked on a solo career of his own releasing the award winning albums, Into The Light and Heartbeat.
Tracks 1958-1959

1. Jean Dorothy (Chesternuts)
2. Jet Black (Harris)
3. Feelin’ Fine (Samwell)
4. Driftin’ (Marvin)
5. Don’t Be A Fool (With Love) (Chester)
6. Chinchilla (Starr/Wolf)
7. Saturday Dance (Chester/Martin)
8. Lonesome Fella (Chester)
9. Be Bop A Lula (live) (Vincent/Davis)
10. Jet Black (live) (Jet Harris)
11. Driftin’ (live) (Marvin)

Tracks 1960

1. Apache (Lordan)
2. Quatermaster’s Stores (Trad. arr. Shepherd)
3. Man Of Mystery (Carr)
4. The Stranger (Crompton/Jones)
5. Bongo Blues (Paramor)

The Shadows 1961

1. Shadoogie (Marvin/Welch/Harris/Meehan)
2. Blue Star (Young/Heyman)
3. Nivram (Welch/Marvin/Harris)
4. Baby My Heart (Curtis)
5. See You In My Drums (Meehan)
6. All My Sorrows (Guard/Shane/Reynolds)
7. Stand Up And Say That! (Marvin)
8. Gonzales (McGlynn)
9. Find Me A Golden Street (Petty)
10. Theme From A Filleted Place (Marvin/Welch/Harris)
11. That’s My Desire (Krease/Loveday)
12. My Resistance Is Low (Carmichael)
13. Sleepwalk (Farina/Farina/Farina/Wolf)
14. Big Boy (Welch/Marvin)

Tracks 1961

1. Mustang (Lordan)
2. Theme From Shane (Young/Mack David)
3. Shotgun (Allen)
4. Theme From Giant (Webster/Tiomkin)
5. Back Home (Goff/Harris/Welch/Marvin)
6. 36-24-36 (Welch/Marvin/Harris/Meehan)
7. F.B.I. (Gormley)
8. Wonderful Land (Lordan)
9. Kon-Tiki (Carr)
10. Midnight (Marvin/Welch)
11. The Frightened City (Paramor)
12. Witch Doctor (Paramor)
13. Shazam (live) (Eddy/Hazlewood)
14. Guitar Boogie (live) (Smith)
15. Sleepwalk (live) (Farina/Farina/Farina/Wolf)
16. F.B.I (live) (Gormley)
17. Gonzales (mono LP version) (McGlynn)
18. Wonderful Land (no strings) (Lordan)
19. Wonderful Land (alt.) (Lordan)
20. F.B.I. (stereo version) (Gormley)
21. F.B.I. (USA version) (Gormley)

Out of The shadows 1962

1. The Rumble (Isaacs)
2. The Bandit (Carr-Kennedy-Nascimmio)
3. Cosy (Shuman-Garson)
4. 1861 (Marvin-Welch-Bennett)
5. Perfidia (Dominguez)
6. Little ‘B’ (Bennett)
7. Bo Diddley (McDaniels)
8. South Of The Border (Kennedy-Carr)
9. Spring Is Nearly Here (Bennett-Welch)
10. Are They All Like You? (Gate)
11. Tales Of A Raggy Tramline (Harris-Bennett)
12. Some Are Lonely (Cliff Richard)
13. Kinda Cool (Marvin-Welch)

Tracks 1962

1. Theme From The Boys (Bennett/Welch/Marvin)
2. The Girls (Welch/Marvin)
3. Sweet Dreams (McGuffie)
4. The Boys (Bennett/Welch/Marvin)
5. Dance On (V. Murtagh/E. Murtagh/Adams/Stellman)
6. All Day (Welch/Marvin/Harris/Meehan)
7. The Breeze And I (Lecuona/Stillman)
8. What A Lovely Tune (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
9. Peace Pipe (Paramor)
10. Stars Fell On Stockton (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
11. The Savage (Paramor)
12. South Of The Border (Kennedy/Carr)
13. Some Are Lonely (french version)
14. Perfidia (alternative version)
15. What A Lovely Tune (unissued stereo version)
16. Theme From ‘The Boys’ (un-dubbed version)
17. Guitar Tango (un-dubbed version)
18. All Day (alternative version)
19. Atlantis (un-dubbed version)
20. It’s Been A Blue Day (alternative un-dubbed version)

Tracks 1963

1. Atlantis (Lordan)
2. I Want You To Want Me (Lordan/Marvin)
3. Foot Tapper (Album Version) (Marvin/Welch)
4. Round And Round (Marvin/Welch/Bennett)
5. Les Girls (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
6. It’s Been A Blue Day (Bennett)
7. Las Tres Carabelas (Three Galleons) (Alguero Jr.)
8. Adios Muchachos (Pablo The Dreamer) (Sanders)
9. Valencia (Padilla)
10. Granada (Lara)
11. Geronimo (Hank Marvin)
12. Shazam (Eddy/Hazlewood)
13. Shindig (Marvin/Welch)
14. Razzmataz (Alt. version) (Marvin/Rostill/Bennett)
11. The Savage (Paramor)
12. South Of The Border (Kennedy/Carr)
13. Some Are Lonely (french version)
14. Perfidia (alternative version)
15. What A Lovely Tune (unissued stereo version)
16. Theme From ‘The Boys’ (un-dubbed version)
17. Guitar Tango (un-dubbed version)
18. All Day (alternative version)
19. Atlantis (un-dubbed version)
20. It’s Been A Blue Day (alternative un-dubbed version)

Dance with The Shadows 1964

1. Chattanooga Choo-Choo (Warren)
2. Blue Shadows (Marvin-Welch-Bennett-Locking)
3. Fandango (Perkins-Bradford)
4. Tonight (from ‘West Side Story’) (Bernstein)
5. That’s The Way It Goes (Welch-Marvin)
6. Big ‘B’ (Bennett)
7. In The Mood (Garland-Razaf)
8. Lonely Bull (El Solo Toro) (Lake)
9. Dakota (Braden)
10. French Dressing (Tiomkin)
11. The High And The Mighty (Marvin-Welch)
12. Don’t It Make You Feel Good (Marvin-Welch)
13. Zambesi (Carstens-De Waal)
14. Temptation (Brown-Freed)

Tracks 1964

1. Rhythm And Greens (Welch/Marvin/Bennett/Rostill)
2. Ranka Chank (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
3. Main Theme (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
4. The Drum Number (Welch/Marvin/Bennett/Rostill)
5. The Lute Number (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
6. Genie With The Light Brown Lamp (Welch/Marvin/Bennett/Rostill)
7. Little Princess (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
8. Me Oh My (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
9. Friends (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
10. Theme For Young Lovers (Welch)
11. Walkin’ (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
12. It’s A Man’s World (Addey/Smith)
13. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett)
14. The Miracle (Carr/Paramor)
15. This Hammer (Arr. Locking/Welch/Bennett/Marvin)
16. In The Mood (no rhythm guitar) (Garland/Razaf)

The Sound of The Shadows 1965

1. Brazil (Barroso)
2. The Lost City (Ballard)
3. A Little Bitty Tear (Cochrane)
4. Blue Sky, Blue Sea, Blue Me (Rostill-Welch)
5. Bossa Roo (Rostill-Welch)
6. Five Hundred Miles (West)
7. Cotton Pickin’ (Ford)
8. Deep Purple (De Rose)
9. Santa Ana (Lordan)
10. The Windjammer (Rostill)
11. Dean’s Theme (Marvin-Rostill)
12. Breakthru’ (Taggart)
13. Let It Be Me (Becaud-Curtis-Delanoe)
14. National Provincial Samba (Welch-Rostill)

Tracks 1965

1. Alice In Sunderland (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
2. Stingray (Claus Ogerman)
3. I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Artur (Rostill)
4. The War Lord (Moross)
5. My Grandfather’s Clock (Arr. Welch/Marvin/Bennett/Rostill)
6. Mary Anne (Jerry Lordan)
7. Don’t Make My Baby Blue (B. Mann/C. Weil)
8. Chu-Chi (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
9. Girl From Ipanema (Jobim/Gimbel/De Marques)
10. Nothing, Folks (Marvin/Welch/Rostill/Bennett)
11. John’s Rocker (Rostill)
12. Don’t Stop Now (Alt. version) (Bennett)
13. Benno-San (Alt. Version)

Shadow Music 1966

1. I Only Want To Be With You (Marvin-Welch-Rostill-Bennett)
2. Fourth Street (Bennett)
3. Magic Doll (Marvin-Welch-Rostill-Bennett)
4. Stay Around (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)
5. Maid Marion’s Theme (Marvin-Welch-Rostill-Bennett)
6. Benno-San (Bennett)
7. Don’t Stop Now (Bennett)
8. In The Past (Cahill)
9. Fly Me To The Moon (Howard)
10. Now That You’re Gone (Hill-Whitworth-Meehan)
11. One Way To Love (Arnold-Martin-Morrow)
12. Razzmataz (Marvin-Rostill-Bennett)
13. A Sigh (Un Sospero) (Liszt, arr. Parramor)
14. March To Drina (Binicki-Stahl)

Tracks 1966

1. Late Night Set (Rostill/Welch/Bennett)
2. I Met A Girl (Marvin)
3. Lady Penelope (Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
4. Thunderbirds Theme (Gray)
5. Zero ‘X’ Theme (Gray)
6. Finders Keepers (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
7. My Way (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
8. Paella (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
9. Fiesta (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
10. My Way (vocal) (Marvin/Welch)
11. Spanish Song (from Finders Keepers movie)
12. Scotch On The Socks (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
13. A Place In The Sun (Paetrina/Lordan)
14. Will You Be There (Marvin/Welch)
15. The Dreams I Dream (Marvin)
16. Finders Keepers – My Way – Fiesta – Paella (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
17. Zero X Theme (stereo remix) (Gray)
18. Thunderbirds Theme (stereo remix) (Gray)
19. Scotch On The Socks (stereo remix) (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)

From Hank, Bruce, Brian and John 1967

1. Snap Crackle & How’s Your Dad (Welch/Bennett)
2. Evening Glow (Kasakawa/Nakamura)
3. A Thing Of Beauty (Harper)
4. Naughty Nippon Nights (Gouldman)
5. The Wild Roses (Ichikawa)
6. San Francisco (Philips)
7. The Letter (Carson)
8. The Tokaido Line (Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett)
9. Holy Cow (Toussaint/Allen)
10. Alentejo (Vince)
11. Last Train To Clarksville (Boyce/Hart)
12. Let Me Take You There (Bennett/Rostill)
13. The Day I Met Marie (Marvin)
14. A Better Man Than I (Marvin)

Jigsaw 1967

1. Jigsaw (Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett)
2. Tennessee Waltz (Stewart/King)
3. Prelude In E Major (Welch/Marvin/Rostill/Bennett)
4. Cathys Clown (D. Everly/P. Everly)
5. Stardust (Carmichael)
6. Semi Detached Suburban Mr. James (Carter/Stephens)
7. Trains And Boats And Planes (Bacharach/David)
8. Friday On My Mind (Young/Vanda)
9. Winchester Cathedral (Stephens)
10. Waiting For Rosie (Rostill)
11. Chelsea Boot (Peter Vince)
12. Maria Elena (Barcelata)
13. With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee (Cliff Richard)
14. Green Eyes (Menendez)

Tracks 1967

1. Omoide No Nagisa (Torizuka/Kase)
2. Kimi To Itsummademo (Kosaku Dan)
3. Londonderry Air (Arr. Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
4. Gin Iro No Michi (Miyagawa)
5. Autumn (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
6. The Flyder And The Spy (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
7. Bombay Duck (T. Honda)
8. Leave My Woman Alone (Ray Charles)
9. Running Out Of The World (Bogliun/Black)
10. Somewhere (Bernstein)
11. Tennessee Waltz (Alt. version) (Stewart/King)
12. Chicago (live BBC show)

Established 1958

1. Voyage To The Bottom Of The Bath (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
2. Poem (Bennett)
3. The Average Life Of A Daily Man (Marvin)
4. Banana Man (Marvin/Bennett/Welch/Rostill)
5. The Magical Mrs. Clamps (Marvin/Welch/Bennett/Rostill)
6. Here I Go Again Loving You (Marvin/Welch)
7. Maggie’s Samba

Tracks 1968-1969

1. Dear Old Mrs. Bell (Bryant)
2. Trying To Forget The One You Love (Marvin)
3. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (R. M. Sherman/R. B. Sherman)
4. I Can’t Forget (Korpar/Persiljeva/Black)
5. Maroc 7 (Ferris)
6. Tomorrow’s Cancelled (Marvin/Bennett)
7. Slaughter On Tenth Avenue (Richard Rogers)
8. Slaughter On 10th Avenue (w/orchestra) (Richard Rogers)

Shades of Rock 1970

1. Proud Mary (Fogerty)
2. My Babe (Johnson)
3. Lucille (Collins/Penniman)
4. Johnny B. Goode (Berry)
5. Paperback Writer (Lennon/McCartney)
6. (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction (Jagger/Richard)
7. Bony Moronie (Williams)
8. Get Back (Lennon/McCartney)
9. Something (Harrison)
10. River Deep Mountain High (Spector/Greenwich/Barry)
11. Memphis (Berry)
12. What I’d Say (Charles)

Rockin’ with Curly Leads 1973

1. Pinball Wizard/See Me Feel Me (P. Townsend)
2. Years Away (Farrar)
3. Humbucker (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
4. Deep Roots (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
5. Jungle Jam (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
6. Gracie (Farrar)
7. Good Vibrations (B. Wilson/M. Love)
8. Turn Around And Touch Me (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
9. Wide Mouthed Frog (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
10. Rockin’ With Curly Leads (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
11. Gutbucket (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)
12. Jumpin’ Jack Input (Farrar/Bennett/Marvin/Welch)

Live at The Paris Olympia 1975

1. Shazam (L.Hazlewood/D. Eddy)
2. Man Of Mystery (M. Carr)
3. Lady Of The Morning (Marvin/Welch/Harris/Farrar)
4. Shadoogie (Marvin/Welch/Harris/Meehan)
5. Guitar Tango (Maine/Liferman)
6. Faithful (Marvin/Welch/Farrar)
7. Tiny Robin (Farrar/Best)
8. Honourable Puff-Puff (Marvin/Richmond)
9. Sleepwalk (Farina/Farina/Farina)
10. Marmaduke (Tarney/Spencer/Mervyn)
11. Foot Tapper (Marvin/Welch)
12. Apache (Lordan)
13. The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Marvin/Welch/Rostill/Bennett)
14. Dance On (Murtagh/Murtagh/Adams)
15. Lonesome Mole (Marvin/Welch)
16. Nivram (Marvin/Welch/Harris)
17. Turn Around And Touch Me (Marvin/Welch/Farrar/Bennett)
18. Music Makes My Day (Farrar)
19. The Frightened City (N. Paramor)
20. Little ‘B’ (Bennett)
21. Lucille/Rip It Up/Blue Suede Shoes (Collins/Penniman Blackwell/Marascalco Perkins)
22. Somewhere (Leonard Bernstein)
23. Let Me Be The One (Curtis)
24. Wonderful Land (Lordan)
25. F.B.I. (Gormley)

Specs Appeal 1975

1. God Only Knows (Wilson/Asher)
2. Cool Clear Air (Fletcher/Flett)
3. Rose, Rose (Welch/Rostill)
4. This House Runs On Sunshine (Bennett/Redway)
5. Colorado Songbird (Bennett)
6. No No Nina (Farrar/Best)
7. Honourable Puff-Puff (Marvin/Farrar/Welch/Bennett/Richmond)
8. Don’t Throw It All Away (Benson/Mindell)
9. Spider Juice (Marvin)
10. Let Me Be The One (Curtiss)
11. Like Strangers (Welch/Bennett)
12. Stand Up Like A Man (Findon/Myers)

Tasty 1977

1. Cricket Bat Boogie (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
2. Return To The Alamo (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
3. Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (E. John/B. Taupin)
4. Another Night (Welch/Marvin/Bennett/Tarney)
5. Honky Tonk Woman (Jagger/Richards)
6. Montezuma’s Revenge (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
7. Walk Don’t Run (Smith)
8. Superstar (Russell/Bramlett)
9. Bermuda Triangle (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
10. The Most Beautiful Girl (Sherrill/Wilson/Burke)
11. Creole Nights (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)

Reunion Concert 1978

1. Shadoogie (Marvin/Welch/Harris/Meehan)
2. Atlantis (Lordan)
3. Nivram (Welch/Marvin/Harris)
4. Apache (Lordan)

Tracks 1975-1979

1. Run Billy Run (Curtis)
2. No No Nina (instrumental) (Farrar/Best)
3. God Only Knows (remixed) (Wilson/Asher)
4. It’ll Be Me Babe (Farrar/Marvin)
5. Love De Luxe (Shapiro)
6. Sweet Saturday Night (Marvin/Welch/Bennett)
7. Riders In The Sky (S. Jones)
8. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (Rice/Lloyd Webber)
9. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (full studio version)


1. 1980 Black Is Black (Wadey/Hayes/Granger)
2. 1980 Fender Bender (Welch/Bennett/Marvin)
3. 1980 Rusk (Marvin/Welch/Bennett)
4. 1982 The Shady Lady (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)

Live at Abbey Road 1982

1. The Third Man (Karas)
2. Thing-Me-Jig (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
3. Runaway (Shannon/Crook)
4. All I Have To Do Is Dream (Bryant)
5. It Doesn’t Matter Any More (Anka)
6. Johnny ‘B’ Goode (Berry)
7. Over In A Flash (Marvin/Jones/Bennett/Hall)
8. Summer Love ’59 (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)
9. Oh, Boy! (West/Petty/Tilghman)
10. Crying In The Rain (Greenfield/King)
11. Arty’s Party (Welch/Marvin/Bennett)

Moonlight Shadows 1986

1. Every Breath You Take
2. Hello
3. The Power Of Love
4. Hey Jude
5. Against All Odds
6. Memory
7. Dancing In The Dark
8. Whiter Shade of Pale
9. Moonlight Shadow
10. Three Tmes A Lady
11. Sailing
12. I Just Called To Say I Love Yo
13. I Know Him So Well
14. Nights In White Satin
15. Imagine/Woman
16. Walk Of Life

Reflection 1990

1. Eye Of The Tiger
2. Crockett’s Theme (from ‘Miami Vice’)
3. Right Here Waiting
4. Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic
5. Sealed With A Kiss
6. Uptown Girl
7. Strawberry Fields Forever
8. Riders In The Sky ’90
9. Flashdance … What A Feeling
10. Something’s Gotten Hold Of My Heart
11. Love Changes Everything
12. Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now
13. Bilitis
14. You’ll Never Walk Alone
15. Shadowmix
16. Always On My Mind

Themes and Dreams 1991

1. Crockett’s Theme
2. Up To Where We Belong
3. Take My Breath Away
4. Theme from The Deerhunter
5. Walking In The Air
6. If You Leave Me Now
7. One Day I’ll Fly Away
8. Africa
9. Every Breath You Take
10. Memory
11. Nights in White Satin
12. Candle in the Wind
13. You Win Again
14. Sailing
15. Just The Way You Are
16. Moonlight Shadow

Dream Time 1994

1. Imagine/Woman
2. Three Times A Lady
3. Just The Way You Are
4. If You Leave Me Now
5. Up Where We Belong
6. Misty
7. Carless Whisper
8. I Guess Thats Why They Call It The Blues
9. I Just Called To Say I Love You
10. Always On My Mind
11. Sealed With A Kiss
12. The Snowman
13. Going Home
14. Skye Boat Song

The Shadows at Abbey Road 1997

1. Wonderful Land (unissued versi
2. Witch Doctor (The Savage) (uni
3. What A Lovely Tune (unissued s
4. The Boys – Theme (un-dubbed ve
5. Guitar Tango (un-dubbed versio
6. All Day (unissued alternate ve
7. Atlantis (un-dubbed version)
8. It’s Been A Blue Day (unissued
9. Razzmataz (unissued alternativ
10. Nothing, Folks (unissued instr
11. John’s Rocker (unissued versio
12. Zero X Theme (stereo re-mix)
13. Thunderbirds Theme (stere re-m
14. Scotch On The Rocks (stereo re
15. Slaughter On 10th Avenue
16. Chitty Chitty Bang Bang (uniss
17. No No Nina unissued instrument
18. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina (un
19. God ONly Knows (unissued re-mi

The Final Tour Live 2004

1. Intro – Apache Medley / Riders In The Sky
2. The Frightened City
3. Theme For Young Lovers
4. Peace Pipe
5. The Savage
6. Let Me Be The One
7. The Stranger / Kon Tiki
8. Going Home (Theme from Local Hero)
9. Dance On
10. Nivram
11. Lady Of The Morning
12. My Home Town
13. Guitar Tango
14. Geronimo
15. Sleepwalk
16. 36-24-36
17. Shazam
18. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
19. Equinox V
20. Mountains Of The Moon
21. Shadoogie
22. Gonzales
23. Don’t Make My Baby Blue
24. The Rise And Fall Of Flingle Bunt
25. Atlantis
26. Shindig
27. Man Of Mystery
28. Foot Tapper
29. Please Don’t Tease
30. In The Country
31. I Could Easily Fall
32. The Day I Met Marie
33. Gee Whiz It’s You
34. Summer Holiday
35. Bachelor Boy
36. Little B
37. Theme From The Deerhunter
38. Wonderful Land
39. FBI
40. Apache

Alternative Special Edition

1. Granada
2. Brazil
3. The High And The Mighty
4. Memory (From ‘Cats’)
5. I Just Called To Say I Love You
6. Perfidia
7. Every Breath You Take
8. Green Eyes
9. You Don’t Have to Say You Love Me
10. Telstar
11. Stardust
12. All I Ask of You
13. Whiter Shade Of Pale
14. Adios Muchachos
15. Just the way you are
16. Maria Elena


1. Diamonds
2. Image – Woman
3. Theme From Missing
4. You Resque Me
5. Hats Of To Wally
6. Nut Rocker
7. Guardian Angel
8. Up Where We Belong
9. This Ole House
10. Africa
11. Arty’s Party
12. Can’t Play Your Game
13. The Old Romantics
14. Our Albert
15. Cowboy Cafe
16. We Don’t Talk Anymore

Play the Music of Andrew Lloyd Webber & Tim Rice 1997

1. A Whole New World
2. The Phantom Of The Opera
3. Memory
4. Tell Me On A Sunday
5. I Know Him So Well
6. Starlight Express Suite
7. I’d Be Surprisingly Good For You
8. Don’t Cry For Me Argentina
9. Can You Feel The Love Tonight
10. Love Changes Everything
11. Oh What A Circus
12. The Music Of The Night
13. Take That Look Of Your Face
14. All I Ask Of You
15. Another Suitcase In Another Hall
16. One Night In Bangkok – Variations

The First 40 Years

1. Apache
2. The rise and fall of Flingel Bunt
3. Man of mystery
4. Moonlight shadow
5. The theme from the deerhunter
6. The savage
7. Guitar tango
8. The boys
9. Wonderful land
10. Geronimo
11. Memory
12. Genie with the light brown lam
13. Every breath you take
14. The frightened city
15. Kon-tiki
16. Walking in the air
17. Atlantis
18. Shindig
19. The lady in red
20. Dance on
21. Don’t cry for me argentina
22. The stranger
23. Theme for young lovers
24. Foot tapper
25. Fbi
26. Rider in the sky

(Freddie’s Home Page at


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The Twylight Shadows Phil Mcgarrick’s Web Site Leo’s Den Music and Backing Tracks


Hank Marvin – lead guitar (1958–1968, 1973–1990, 2004–present)
Bruce Welch – rhythm guitar (1958–1968, 1973–1990, 2004–present)
Mark Griffiths – bass (1989–1990, 2004–present)
Brian Bennett – drums (1961–1968, 1977–1990, 2004–present)
Warren Bennett – keyboards (2004–present)


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