The Shadows are an English instrumental and vocal rock and roll group active from the 1950s to the 2000s. The Shadows, sometimes known as “The Ventures of England,” were pioneering instrumental rockers that influenced an entire generation of British guitar players. The Shadows had more #1 hits on the British charts than any instrumental band before or ever since. The story of the Shadows is a remarkable one. Their music entertained, influenced and inspired more than one generation. The sheer scale of their talent can never be called into question. No one who has ever seen (or simply heard) the Shadows play can ever forget the magic.
Bruce and Hank went to London as young teenagers and tried their luck in music business. It did not went well the first time, but suddenly they met a singer named Cliff Richard. He needed a new lead guitarist, and was very impressed by Hank Marvin. But Hank would not enjoy Cliff if not Bruce could enjoy too. That was the beginning! Then they also met the bassist Jet Harris, and some later a drummer called Tony Meehan: The Drifters was the group’s name!

The band changed name in 1959 to The Shadows, because an other band in USA was named the Drifters. None of the original Drifters were still in the group at the time they officially became The Shadows. Johnny Foster continued for a time as Cliff’s personal manager, and Samwell wrote several additional songs for The Drifters and The Shadows before moving on to write and produce for other artists. Tony Meehan later recalled that Cliff, backed by Hank, Bruce, Jet and himself had all played together a year beforehand at least once at his coffee bar in Soho, London.
At first, the Shadows were simply a standard pop-rock act of the era, similar in style and vocals to the Everly Brothers. Instrumental tunes were tried out only during Richard’s performance breaks. Meanwhile, Marvin was finessing the guitar style for which he would gain renown. It was a sound crafted with the legendary American-made Fender Stratocaster guitar, and it wasn’t until he finally obtained one in 1959. They were difficult to come by in England and Richard had to bring him one back directly that his playing began to take a new turn. His legendary talents with his trademark Stratocaster was honored in the late 1990s when Fender brought him in as a consultant for a special 40th anniversary issue of the guitar.

Jerry Lordan offered the group Apache ready-made combination of three guitars and drums. It became indisputably one of the finest and most influential instrumental classics of all time and Marvin’s sound was epitomized an instrumental piece with an irresistible hook and otherworldly vibe. The number was called Apache and had been inspired by the film of that name starring Burt Lancaster. Lordan commented, I wanted something noble and dramatic, reflecting the courage and savagery of the Indian. Apache topped the British charts on 25 August 1960 where it remained in the No.1 spot for five weeks. It gave the Shadows the first of their many chart records and became their first million-seller, selling one million copies in Britain alone. The number became a worldwide hit, except for America. This was judged to be due to the fact that there was a dire lack of promotion for it. Capitol Records, although an American arm of EMI Records, didn’t consider British groups had any potential in the United States (they felt the same when they rejected No. 1 British hits by the Beatles!). As a result, Danish guitarist Jorgan Ingmann covered it and his version reached No. 2 in the US charts. (Incidentally, Ingmann and his sister Grethe won the Eurovision Song Contest three years later).
Cliff Richard also had a presence on the track as a result of the fact that they wanted some Indian drums. Jerry Lordan explained, Tony Meehan couldn’t (do it), with only two tracks, and Hank and the others playing on the other track, Tony couldn’t play the regular bass drum, the snare and the tom tom and this Indian drum, which they didn’t have anyway, so Norrie Paramor, the producer, said go and have a look, lads, in the prop room. This is Studio Two at Abbey Road, so there’s a huge props room under the stairs stuffed full of … cowbells – and you name it, and they came out with this Chinese drum. It’s actually called a tam tam, and it’s circular with a rope on it, and you hold it in one hand and beat with a mallet with the other, and Cliff Richard held that over Tony Meehan’s drum kit. That’s him all the way through, bom bom bom bom, bom bom… he kept great time, too. Cliff Richard was also a movie star, and The Shadows made some of the music to the films, and also actors in some of them. The first “big” one was “The Young Ones” where The Shadows played “The Savage” – which inspired many young boys playing that phantastic rhythm part of Bruce.

After this success Bruce he used an acoustic guitar on many more hits, like Man of Mystery, Kon Tiki, The Frightened City, Wonderful Land, Guitar Tango, Dance On and Foot Tapper. And maybe the most important tune: The Savage! The Savage only reached at no 6 but it made many young people very interested in Bruce’s fast rhythm guitar playing!

The group were selling records in enormous quantities, and their fan-base both at home and abroad swelled dramatically. The group remained intact during this era, but October 1961 Tony Meehan was replaced by Brian Bennett and in April 1962 Jet Harris, who suffered from alcoholism, was replaced by Brian “Licorice” Locking. Meehan and Harris embarked upon a joint solo career that achieved modest success with chart hits Scarlett O’Hara and Diamonds- another Jerry Lordan’s tune which was covered many times by different bands including Ventures and Spotnicks. Late 1963 Brian Locking quit the band, and John Rostill became the new bass player. John and Bruce became close friends and later they made some big world hits.

20 Golden Greats
Release Date: August 03, 1987
Track List
Apache Man of Mystery The Frightened City Guitar Tango Kon-Tiki Foot Tapper Genie With the Light Brown Lamp The War Lord A Place in the Sun Atlantis Wonderful Land F.B.I. The Savage Geronimo Shindig Stingray Theme For Young Lovers The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Maroc 7 Dance On

50 Golden Greats (disc 1)
Release Date: July 31, 2000
Track List
Apache Man of Mystery The Stranger F.B.I. Midnight The Frightened City Kon-Tiki The Savage Shadoogie Wonderful Land Sleepwalk Guitar Tango The Boys Dance On Foot Tapper Atlantis Shindig Geronimo Theme For Young Lovers Perfidia Mustang Cosy Nivram Little B The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Rhythm And Greens Genie With the Light Brown Lamp

Shadows Are Go!
Release Date: September 10, 1996
Track List
Apache Man of Mystery The Stranger FBI Midnight The Frightened City Kon Tiki 36-24-36 The Savage Peace Pipe Mustang Wonderful Land Guitar Tango Dance On Spring Is Nearly Here Perfidia Atlantis Shotgun Theme For Young Lovers The Rise and Fall of Flingel Blunt Stingray A Place in the Sun Thunderbirds Theme

50 Golden Greats (disc 2)
Release Date: July 31, 2000
Track List
Mary-Anne Stingray Don’t Make My Baby Blue War Lord Thunderbirds Theme I Met a Girl A Place in the Sun The Dreams I Dream Maroc 7 Slaughter on 10th Avenue Something Let Me Be the One Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Theme From the Deer Hunter (Cavatina) Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez Riders in the Sky God Only Knows Going Home Albatross Nights in White Satin Whiter Shade of Pale Imagine / Woman Memory

The Best of The Shadows
Track List
F.B.I. Kon-Tiki Guitar Tango Wonderful Land Atlantis The Savage The Frightened City The Lost City A Little Bitty Tear Brasil (Aquarela Do Brasil) Apache The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Don’t Make My Baby Blue Chattanooga Choo Choo In The Mood Lonely Bull, The (El Solo Torro) Dakota Don’t It Make You Feel Good Zambesi Temptation

Moonlight Shadows
Release Date: November 30, 1985
Track List
Every Breath You Take Hello The Power Of Love Hey Jude Against All Odds Memory Dancing in the dark Whiter Shade of Pale Moonlight Shadow Three Tmes A Lady Sailing I Just Called to Say I Love You I Know Him So Well Nights in White Satin Imagine/Woman Walk of Life

The Shadows
Track List
Shadoogie Blue Star Nivram Baby My Heart See You in My Drums All My Sorrows Stand Up and Say That Gonzales Find Me a Golden Street Theme From a Filleted Place That’s My Desire My Resistance Is Low Sleepwalk Big Boy

The Shadows’ Greatest Hits
Release Date: April 26, 2004
Track List
Apache (2004 Digital Remaster) Man Of Mystery (2004 Digital Remaster) The Stranger (2004 Digital Remaster) F.B.I. (2004 Digital Remaster) Midnight (2004 Digital Remaster) The Frightened City (2004 Digital Remaster) Kon-Tiki (2004 Digital Remaster) 36-24-36 (2004 Digital Remaster) The Savage (2004 Digital Remaster) Peace Pipe (2004 Digital Remaster) Wonderful Land (2004 Digital Remaster) Stars Fell On Stockton (2004 Digital Remaster) Guitar Tango (2004 Digital Remaster) The Boys (2004 Digital Remaster) Dance On (2004 Digital Remaster) Quartermaster’s Stores (2004 Digital Remaster)

Out Of The Shadows
Track List
The Rumble The Bandit Cosy 1861 Perfidia Little ‘B’ Bo Diddley South Of The Border Spring Is Nearly Here Are They All Like You? Tales Of A Raggy Tramline Some Are Lonely Kinda Cool

The First 20 Years At The Top 75 Classic Originals 1959-1979
Track List
Feelin’ Fine Don’t Be a Fool (With Love) Driftin’ Jet Black Saturday Dance Lonesome Fella Apache Quartermaster’s Stores The Stranger Man of Mystery F.B.I. Midnight The Frightened City Back Home Kon-Tiki 36-24-36 The Savage Peace Pipe Wonderful Land Stars Fell On Stockton Guitar Tango What A Lovely Tune The Boys Dance On All Day Foot Tapper The Breeze And I Atlantis I Want You To Want Me Shindig It’s Been A Blue Day Geronimo Shazam Theme For Young Lovers This Hammer The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt It’s a Man’s World Rhythm And Greens The Miracle Genie With the Light Brown Lamp Little Princess Mary-Anne Chu Chi Stingray Alice In Sunderland Don’t Make My Baby Blue My Grandfather’s Clock The War Lord I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Arthur I Met a Girl Late Night Set A Place in the Sun Will You Be There? The Dreams I Dream Scotch on the Socks Maroc 7 Bombay Duck Tomorrow’s Cancelled Somewhere Running Out Of World Dear Old Mrs Bell Trying To Forget The One You Love Slaughter On Tenth Avenue Turn Around And Touch Me Jungle Jam Let Me Be the One Run Billy Run It’ll Be Me Babe Another Night Love Deluxe Don’t Cry for Me Argentina The Theme From ‘The Deer Hunter’ (Cavatina) En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor Heart of Glass Riders in the Sky

String of Hits
Release Date: November 30, 1978
Track List
Riders in the Sky Parisienne Walkways Classical Gas The Theme From ‘The Deer Hunter’ (Cavatina) Bridge Over Troubled Water You’re The One That I Want Heart of Glass Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Song For Duke Bright Eyes Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez Baker Street

Live At The Paris Olympia
Track List
Shazam (Live) Man Of Mystery (Live) Lady Of The Morning (Live) Shadoogie (Live) Guitar Tango (Live) Faithful (Live) Tiny Robin (Live) Honourable Puff-Puff (Live) Sleepwalk (Live) Marmaduke (Live) Foot Tapper (Live) Apache (Live) The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt (Live) Dance On (Live) Lonesome Mole (Live) Nivram (Live) Turn Around And Touch Me (Live) Music Makes My Day (Live) The Frightened City (Live) Little ‘B’ (Live) Blue Suede Shoes/Rip It Up/Lucille (Medley) (Live) Somewhere (Live) Let Me Be The One (Live) Wonderful Land (Live) F.B.I. (Live)

Shades of Grey
Track List
FBI Riders in the Sky Apache Sailing Kon Tiki Wonderful Land Man of Mystery Atlantis The War Lord Red River Rock Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Cavatina Guitar Tango Slaughter On Tenth Avenue Maroc 7 Blue Shadow Mary Anne Quatermasters Stores Peace Pipe Dance On Foot Tapper The Frightened City

Another String Of Hot Hits And More
Release Date: October 05, 1987
Track List
Wonderful Land Atlantis Black Is Black Goodbye Yellow Brick Road River Deep Mountain High The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Midnight Cowboy Pinball Wizard/See Me, Feel Me (Medley) Apache God Only Knows Stardust Walk Don’t Run The Most Beautiful Girl Good Vibrations Something Superstar Trains And Boats And Planes Honky Tonk Women F.B.I. Kon-Tiki

Dance With The Shadows
Track List
Chattanooga Choo Choo Blue Shadows Fandango Tonight That’s the Way It Goes Big ‘b’ In The Mood The Lonely Bull (El Soro Toro) Dakota French Dressing
The High and the Mighty Don’t It Make You Feel Good Zambesi Temptation The Lonely Bull (El Solo Torro)

Shadow Music
Release Date: January 31, 1992
Track List
I Only Want To Be With You Fourth Street The Magic Doll Stay Around Maid Marion’s Theme Benno-San Don’t Stop Now In The Past Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) Now That You’re Gone One Way To Love Razzmataz A Sigh (Un Sospero) March To Drina Proud Mary My Babe Lucille Johnny B Goode Paperback Writer (I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction Bony Moronie Get Back Something River Deep, Mountain High Memphis What’d I Say

The Shadows Greatest Hits
Track List
Apache Man of Mystery The Stranger F.B.I. Midnight The Frightened City Kon-Tiki 36-24-36 The Savage Peace Pipe Wonderful Land Stars Fell On Stockton Guitar Tango The Boys Dance On

Steppin’ to the Shadows
Release Date: November 30, 1988
Track List
You Win Again I Wanna Dance With Somebody (Who Loves Me) He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother Candle in the Wind Farewell My Lovely Mountains of the Moon Nothing’s Gonna Change My Love for You Heaven Is a Place on Earth When the Going Gets Tough Alone All I Ask of You Stack-It Shoba You Keep Me Hangin’ On Some People One Moment in Time

Release Date: March 01, 2003
Track List
Jigsaw (1999 Digital Remaster) Tennessee Waltz (1999 Digital Remaster) Prelude In E Major (1999 Digital Remaster) Cathy’s Clown (1999 Digital Remaster) Stardust (1999 Digital Remaster) Semi-Detached Surburban Mr.James (1999 Digital Remaster) Trains And Boats And Planes (1999 Digital Remaster) Friday On My Mind (1999 Digital Remaster) Winchester Cathedral (1999 Digital Remaster) Waiting For Rosie (1999 Digital Remaster) Chelsea Boot (1999 Digital Remaster) Maria Elena (1999 Digital Remaster) With A Hmm-Hmm On My Knee (1999 Digital Remaster) Green Eyes (1999 Digital Remaster)

50 Golden Greats
Track List
Apache Man of Mystery The Stranger F.B.I. Midnight The Frightened City Kon-Tiki The Savage Shadoogie Wonderful Land Sleepwalk Guitar Tango The Boys Dance On Foot Tapper Atlantis Shindig Geronimo Theme For Young Lovers Perfidia Mustang Cosy Nivram Little ‘B’ The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Rhythm And Greens Genie With the Light Brown Lamp Mary-Anne Stingray Don’t Make My Baby Blue The War Lord The ‘Thunderbirds’ Theme I Met a Girl A Place in the Sun The Dreams I Dream Maroc 7 Slaughter On Tenth Avenue Something Let Me Be the One Don’t Cry for Me Argentina The Theme From ‘The Deer Hunter’ (Cavatina) Rodrigo’s Guitar Concerto De Aranjuez Riders in the Sky God Only Knows Going Home Albatross Nights in White Satin A Whiter Shade Of Pale Imagine/Woman (Medley) Memory

Shadows 2
Track List
Genie With the Light Brown Lamp The Rise and Fall of Flingel Bunt Stingray Warlord Little Princess Tonight Flyder and the Spy Chattanooga Choo Choo Giant Shane Shotgun Las Tres Carabelas Adios Muchachos Valencia Granada Fandango Gonzales Quartermaster’s Stores Blue Star 1861 Find Me a Golden Street Spring Is Nearly Here Round and Round Bongo Blues Ranka Chunk Walkin’ Shazam! Guitar Boogie

Release Date: September 30, 1990
Track List
Eye Of The Tiger Crockett’s Theme (From ‘Miami Vice’) Right Here Waiting Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic Sealed With A Kiss Uptown Girl Strawberry Fields Forever Riders In The Sky ’90 Flashdance … What A Feeling Something’s Gotten Hold of My Heart Love Changes Everything Nothing’s Gonna Stop Us Now Bilitis You’ll Never Walk Alone Shadowmix (Apache, Wonderful Land, The Rise And Fall Of Flingel Bunt,Kon Tiki, F.b.i., Man Of Myst Always On My Mind

2004 Final Tour
Track List
Riders in the Sky Frightened City Theme For Young Lovers peace pipe Savage Let Me Be the One Stranger Kon-Tiki Going Home {from Local Hero} Dance On Nivram Lady of the Morning My Home Town Guitar Tango Geronimo Sleepwalk 36-24-36 Shazam! Don’t Cry for Me Argentina Equinoxe, Pt. 5 Mountains of the Moon Shadoogie Gonzales Don’t Make My Baby Blue Rise and fall of Flingel Bunt Atlantis Shindig Man of Mystery Foot Tapper Please Don’t Tease In the Country I Could Easily Fall Day I Met Marie Gee Whiz It’s You Summer Holiday Bachelor Boy Little “B” Theme From the Deer Hunter Wonderful Land F.B.I. Apache

The SHADOWS short summary:

1959: Hank B. Marvin, Jet Harris, Bruce Welch and Tony Meehan
1963: Hank B. Marvin, Brian Bennett, Brian ‘Liquorice’ Locking and Bruce Welch
1968: Bruce Welch, Brian Bennett, John Rostill and Hank B. Marvin
1969: Hank B. Marvin, Alan Hawkshaw, John Rostill and Brian Bennett
1974: John Farrar, Hank B. Marvin, Brian Bennett and Bruce Welch
80’s: Bruce Welch, Hank B. Marvin and Brian Bennett

The SHADOWS Who is Who:

Hank B Marvin, born Brian Robson Rankin, 28th October 1941 in Newcastle, England. Name changed by Deed Poll in 1950s to Hank Brian Marvin. Has been “the sound” of The Shadows with his inimitable lead guitar playing since the group’s inception in 1958. A longtime champion of Fender guitars, Hank has played Fender’s Stratocaster regularly, except for a time during the sixties when he and the group used British made Burns guitars. Notable guitars are The Burns Marvin and the more recent Fender Stratocaster Hank Marvin Signature model. Hank undertook a solo career and released 3 albums (Into the light, Heartbeat and Hank plays Cliff) since last playing with The Shadows on their last album Reflection in 1990. Hank’s next album was to be Hank plays Holly, which featured instrumental tributes to the works of Buddy Holly – one of Hank’s favourite artists.

Bruce Welch, born Bruce Cripps, 2nd November 1941 in Bognor Regis, in the South West of England. Bruce was an original Shadow who has continued to front the group on rhythm guitar into the nineties. Much of Bruce’s recorded rhythm guitar work was done on acoustic guitar and this wasn’t realised by potential immitators until many years after the event. Bruce has a reputation for being an excellent rhythm guitarist and producer, and has produced records for Sir Cliff Richard, whom he rescued from the doldrums with the albums I’m nearly famous and Green light, and the hit singles Miss you nights, Devil woman and We don’t talk anymore in the 1970’s. Bruce produced an album for singer /songwriter Gerry Williams from Plymouth, England. Another of Bruce’s projects was a Bruce Welch guitar instrumental album in which he performed with other artists.

Brian Bennett, born in London, England, 9th February 1940. Brian was drummer with Marty Wilde’s Wildcats before reforming into the Krew Kats. Replaced Tony Meehan as drummer in The Shadows in October 1961. Continued as The Shadows drummer until the group’s hiatus commenced around 1990. Has resigned from The Shadows, but did record with Hank on his first two 1990’s solo albums and toured the UK with him in 1994. Brian wrote music for television and has released solo albums of his work. Brian’s son Warren has taken on the job of doing musical arrangement for Hank Marvin’s recordings and also played keyboards in the studio and on tour. Warren Bennett has also done solo recording including the new album Close to the hedge with Mark Griffiths on guitars. Mark is well known as bass guitarist for both The Shadows and Hank Marvin.

Terence Harris, born in Kingsbury, Middlesex, England, 6th July 1939. Bass guitarist with The Shadows from the outset until April 1962, when he was replaced by Brian Locking. Teamed up with fellow ex-Shadow Tony Meehan and had hits in 1963 with Scarlett O’Hara and Diamonds. Jet’s continuing addiction to alcolhol has consistently marred his career as an excellent bass player. Jet is credited with naming The Shadows, when they found that the name, The Drifters, was inappropriate.

Daniel Joseph Anthony Meehan, born in Hampstead, England on 2nd March 1943. Shadows drummer from the start until October 1961. Teamed up with fellow ex-Shadow Jet Harris and had hits in 1963 with Scarlett O’Hara and Diamonds. Tony was replaced as Shadows drummer by Brian Bennett and went on to be a producer with Decca records.

John Henry Rostill, born Kings Norton, Birmingham, England, 16th June 1942. Shadows bass guitarist for 7 years and very talented composer who wrote for The Shadows and Olivia Newton-John. Tragically died in his home studio on November 26th, 1973 and never lived to see his writing reap international awards for LET ME BE THERE, which sold in excess of 1,000,000 copies in the USA alone. Songs recorded by The Shadows include I WISH I COULD SHIMMY LIKE MY SISTER ARTHUR and WINDJAMMER. Essential reading on John Rostill is the book FUNNY OLD WORLD by Rob Bradford priced at 15 pounds from 43 Humber Close, Thatcham, Berkshire, England.

BRIAN “Liquorice” LOCKING (Shadow)
Born on 22nd December 1940, in Bedworth, Coventry. Later he moved with his family to Grantham and on leaving school, joined British Rail as a fireman. After eighteen months, Brian left to work in a mens-wear shop. Brian became involved in the skiffle scene and learned to play harmonica. Although only with The Shadows as bass guitarist for eighteen months, Brian featured with harmonica on the tracks Bo Diddley and Dakota.

Born on November 8th, 1945, in Australia. Played with the Melbourne group The Strangers, when he impressed The Shadows with his guitar playing and singing. Was approached by Hank Marvin & Bruce Welch to join them in a “Crosby, Stills & Nash” type vocal group to be known as Marvin, Welch & Farrar! Stayed with that line-up until The Shadows reformed in 1973, then became The Shadows’ second lead guitar! Left for America to write and produce for Olivia Newton-John. Recorded an excellent eponymous solo album in 1980 which failed to sell. Notable for his contribution to the movies Grease & Xanadu. Has worked with Cliff Richard on the music for Heathcliff.

Alan was a member of Emile Ford’s Checkmates in the early sixties but his main work was that of a session musician. When Bruce quit the band to retire in 1968, Alan was asked to step in for their UK and Far East tours. This led to a considerable change in the ‘Shadows sound’, as Alan’s piano and keyboard backing took over from Bruce’s rhythm guitar. This can be clearly heard on the two LPs that the Shadows recorded with Alan, “Shades of Rock” and “Live at Sankei Hall”. Alan’s keyboard is also much in evidence on the classic single “Slaughter on Tenth Avenue”. From 1972 onwards, Alan released several solo albums. In 1979 he joined up with the Shadows again to provide keyboard arrangements for the highly successful “String of Hits” album.

CLIFF RICHARD (associate)
Born Harry Rodger Webb, in Lucknow, India, 14th October 1940. Name changed to Cliff Richard by deed poll then knighted Sir Cliff Richard in the Queen’s bithday honours in June 1995. Cliff is the only artist to have hits in the charts in every decade since he first hit the charts in the late 1950s. Cliff’s backing group was The Shadows until 1968, but since then that have come together for special occasions. Cliff’s latest recording was Songs From Heathcliff, as stage show that was opened in 1996. Cliff is well known for his Christian beliefs and evangelistic concert tours, as well as his rock and roll career.

JERRY LORDAN (associate)
Born Jeremiah Patrick Lordan in Paddington, London, 30th April 1934. Vocalist who had a UK hit in 1960 with self-composed song Who could be bluer. Jerry also composed of some of The Shadows greatest hits, including Apache, Wonderful Land, Atlantis, Mary Anne, Santa Ana. He co-wrote The Shadows’ Mustang and Hank Marvin’s hit Sacha, Morning star and High Sierra. Jerry’s wife Petina wrote Shadows hit A place in the sun. Jerry also wrote hits Scarlett O’Hara & Diamonds for Jet Harris and Tony Meehan. Jerry died in July 1995 aged 62, following a short illness.
The Shadows had no more number one hits after 63, but had a few tunes in the charts, we can mention Theme For Young Lovers. This was a beautiful selfpenned song of Bruce, but didn’t reached top ten. Theme For Young Lovers was inspired by Wonderful Land, and actually, Bruce didn’t play on this record, because of illness.

The Shadows’ long and influential career has spanned 6 decades, with hit singles or albums in every one of them. Thousands of young budding guitarists around the world, some who went on to great success, were inspired by The Shadows to stand in front of the bedroom mirror, playing their air guitars. Marvin, in particular, has been credited by several top guitarists as the most important factor in their wanting to play guitar. The list is huge, and includes the following: Eric Clapton, George Harrison, Brian May, Neil Young, Mark Knopfler, Roger Taylor, Ritchie Blackmore, Randy Bachman, Peter Frampton, Keith Urban, Bela Fleck, Steve Stevens, and Andy Summers.
Like we said, Marvin has been an inspiration to many musicians, but he says he really doesn’t understand why: “I would never have thought that I’d have any kind of influence on these people. Oh, maybe with Jimmy Page to a degree, but with people like Jeff Beck and Eric Clapton, I would have thought their early influences would have been much more obscure– the kind of blues people that they pattern their playing on. But it’s all very flattering, really.”
It was Roger Field, a longtime guitar friend of Hank Marvin who, in 2001 presented Bruce Welch and Jet Harris with his idea to reunite The Shadows, winning their enthusiastic support, with Jet Harris even addressing Field’s intention in a newspaper article and writing “Good luck, Roger” on Field’s Fender guitar. The group re-formed in 2004 for a farewell tour, and recorded a new track Life Story (written by Jerry Lordan) to accompany a new greatest hits package of the same name which featured 1980s re-recordings of all their 1960s and 1970s hits. This opportunity to see Hank Marvin, Bruce Welch and Brian Bennett, joined on keyboards by Cliff Hall and bass by Mark Griffiths, “one last time” was so successful (and enjoyed by all members) that they decided to embark on an extension to the tour in 2005, this time of Europe. The line-up was almost the same, but Warren Bennett, son of Brian, came in on keyboards instead of Hall. Notwithstanding that this was to be a tour of other countries, they played a final date back in the UK in Birmingham.

The Final Tour

Many groups insist on struggling on, way beyond their natural ‘sell by’ date. Summer seasons in holiday camps and pub gigs have to suffice, where, previously, only major venues and the best recording studios would do. It is to their credit that, either by luck or judgement, the Shadows called it a day whilst they were still on top. Their last album, ‘Reflection’, sold half a million copies and, right up until the end, they were still packing the same venues that they had played during their ‘60s heyday.The story of the Shadows is a remarkable one. Their music entertained, influenced and inspired more than one generation. The sheer scale of their talent can never be called into question. No one who has ever seen (or simply heard) the Shadows play can ever forget the magic. As one fan once said, “The Shadows represented everything that was good about British pop music. As composers and performers, they rated second to none. Any band that can move effortlessly and with equal precision between the idioms of rock ‘n’ roll; jazz and heavy rock, as they often did ‘live’, deserves the utmost respect.”
Although they have long since split up, the continued popularity of the frequent compilation albums and the enduring dedication of fans from all over the world will ensure that ‘the Sound of the Shadows’ is one that will never be forgotten.

Freddie’s Home Page
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Photos and Images provided by:
Walther Veenstra
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